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ceramicART Vashon

Handmade on Vashon Island, Washington by the ceramicART studio from Sonja Bergström & Thomas Meyer.

Our pieces are made by a special porcelain slip casting process. This method has been perfected to form perfectly fine lightweight pieces which are very tactile when held. Porcelain slip is mixed with stains and poured into mould. After drying in the moulds they are refined by hand. Each piece is different from others due to the hand-refining process. All pieces are bisque fired first and water-sanded for a smooth touch, color or clear lead-free glaze and fired again all the way up to 2100°F in the Kiln and finalized with fine-sanding. Although they look very thin and fragile, they are very strong due to hi-firing process.

Our pieces are handmade and as such, any slight imperfections in the forms, glazes and images only add to the unique characteristics of the object.

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