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The sheepPALs by bergström studios originated as an art project involving handcrafted sheep stools which launched in Frankfurt, Germany in 2004. 

The herd of sheep was displayed in various locations in and around many cities in Germany.  The intent was to invite spectators to sit a minute, relax, mingle and pet a soft pelt sheepPAL. The fans of sheepPALs were vocal and wanted us to not only display them but also buy them for their own – we stopped counting at over 10,000 which we had personally handcrafted. 


Sonja Bergström has relocated to Vashon Island and is enthusiastically continuing to bring the schafeTour (sheep on tour) as it was known in Germany, to the US as sheepPAL.

Rafael Gaida, former partner of bergström studios GbR, is continuing the schafeTOUR in the original location in Frankfurt under his company:

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